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Blog with BLW recipes for simple, tasty and healthy meals for the whole family, not only for the little ones and older children. The recipes include breakfasts, dinners, baked goods (without white sugar), desserts, outdoor food. Here you can find ideas for muffins, pancakes, omelettes, porridge, vegetable and vegetarian dishes, soups, cakes and cookies, healthy sweets, pastes, sauces or additives. You can also read about BLW and BLW beginnings, including topics such as when and how to start, what to serve for first meals, BLW safety tips and many more.

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  • Coconut-raspberry birthday cake / torte, sugar and gluten free
    I made this raspberry-coconut birthday cake for the third year of my daughter. It turned out to be a delicious, light-tasting cake without sugar, perfect without soaking. The recipe for this cake will appeal to anyone who likes a slightly healthier alternative to birthday sweets. Read more »
  • Porridge with oatmeal and semolina
    Oatmeal and semolina, cooked in milk, with dried fruit is our favorite recipe for breakfast. We eat it almost every day, alone or varied with additions like desiccated coconut, expanded amaranth, banana, sesame, crushed nuts. Read more »
  • Sweet potato carrot soup
    Sweet potato and carrot cream soup for a healthy, light, warming up and most importantly a quick dinner to prepare πŸ™‚ I appreciate this recipe for not having to stand in the kitchen too long for a delicious and filling dish that tastes the whole family. Read more »
  • Oatmeal muffins with blueberries
    An alternative to classic porridge, great for BLW. These oatmeal muffins with fruit are very simple to make and the effect is delicious, very nutritious and healthy. Muffins are moist inside, soft, firm and full of fruit. You can use other fruits (fresh or frozen), for example raspberries or strawberries. Read more »
  • Baked apple fritters with amaranth, gluten free
    Baked fritters with apples, amaranth popping and raisins - gluten and sugar free. Fluffy, filling and slightly sweet. In addition, simple and as quick to make. Good for breakfast, dinner or a snack - home or outdoors. Read more »
  • Tomato sauce from passata (puree)
    Tomatoes are very often in our menu, especially in the season. In the off-season, I support myself with shop purees. I like to make simple sauce from passata. This tomato sauce is suitable for almost anything - pasta dishes, rice or groats, casseroles, pizza, as a spread for bread or… Read more »
  • Vegetable broth
    Natural, vegetarian broth without salt, which I usually use for making soups, but also for cooking rice and groats. Vegetable broth can also be used as a base for sauces. Read more »
  • Homemade date paste and syrup
    A healthy additive to baked goods, desserts, sweet dishes and drinks. I use this natural ingredient instead of sugar when I'm cooking something sweet. Read more »
  • Sweet potato fritters
    Quick and simple, baked fritters with sweet potato, apple, banana and healthy spelt flour. For a sweet meal or a snack without sugar. Read more »
  • Avocado and garlic spread
    A simple sandwich spread, to be done in a few minutes. A delicious and healthy alternative to butter, only from two ingredients. A natural antibiotic and a wealth of healthy fats in one. Read more »

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