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Sharing is caring! is all about pizza. Here you will find delicious recipes for pizza dough and pizza sauce and topping ideas. In addition, there is the world’s largest list of pizza varieties on the site.

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  • Pizza Calabria | Spianata Calabrese Piccante
    Recipe for Pizza Calabria with Spianata Calabrese Piccante. A delicious specialty with Italian salami from Calabria. As the Piccante suggests in the name of the salami, the Spianata Calabrese Piccante contains 5 to 10 percent of spicy Calabrian chili. The chili variety is the “Calabrese Piccante”, a round, medium-caliber Chili… Read more »
  • Pizza Marinita™
    Original recipe for Pizza Marinita with mozzarella, garlic, chilli and basil. The best of Marinara meets Margherita. The Marinita is basically a Marinara with mozzarella and chili or a Margherita with garlic and chilli. The vegetarian Marinita combines the fine taste of the two classic Neapolitan pizzas. Only the finest… Read more »
  • Pan Pizza Salami | Pizza Hut Style
    Easy recipe for a homemade Pan Pizza Salami with Pizza Hut style dough and sauce. The crispy crust and melted cheese together with the spicy salami give a unique delicious taste. Enjoy this mouthwatering copycat at home! Ingredients 300 g Pizza Hut dough 6 tbsp Pizza Hut sauce 100 g… Read more »
  • Homemade Pizza Hut Sauce
    Recipe for homemade Pizza Hut Sauce with original ingredients. For all the lovers of the original Pizza Hut style tomato sauce, we have recreated it. This delicious pizza sauce can be made easily at home. Ingredients 1 can tomato sauce (15 ounce) 1 tsp sugar 1 tsp oregano ½ tsp… Read more »
  • Homemade Pizza Hut Pan Pizza Dough
    Recipe for a homemade Pizza Hut Pan Pizza dough. For those who love the original Pizza Hut dough, we have recreated the dough for baking delicious pan pizza at home. The dough can be baked in the pan, but also in the oven. Ingredients 4 cups all purpose flour (480g)… Read more »
  • New York Style Pizza | Classic NY Slice
    The New York Style Pizza is the most popular pizza variant in the USA. It is similar in many ways to the Neapolitan Margherita. The specialty also called New York Slice uses more cheese. The only topping used is dry, grated mozzarella or fresh mozzarella, as well as chili flakes… Read more »
  • Pizza Marinara
    A recipe for a traditional Italian Pizza Marinara. The original Pizza Marinara is vegan and only served with tomato sauce, garlic and oregano. The Marinara is a true pizza classic and comes from Naples like the Pizza Margherita. Unlike the vegetarian Margherita, the Marinara contains no cheese. The fresh tomato… Read more »
  • Pizza Diavola | Devil Pizza
    Recipe for a fiery Italian Pizza Diavola with spicy salami and chillies. The Diavola is also known under the name Diavolo. The name means “devil pizza”. Ingredients 275 g Pizza dough 65 g Mozzarella Tomato sauce Hot and spicy salami Chili peppers to taste Fresh basil or Italian herbs Parmigiano… Read more »
  • Cheesy Crust Pizza
    Recipe for a delicious italo american pizza with filled cheese crust. This cheesy delicacy is particularly popular in America and well known by Pizza Hut. You can also make it with ease at home. The homemade version is called Cheesy Crust or Stuffed Crust. The filled cheese crust also tastes… Read more »
  • Neapolitan Pizza Margherita
    Authentic recipe for homemade Pizza Margherita. How to make this classic Neapolitan Pizza with only a few ingredients at home. Just having tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil as topping, this is probably the best known and oldest Pizza in the world. Very tasty! Ingredients 275 g Pizza dough 65 g… Read more »

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