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Features of the Food Blog Directory

❤ From food bloggers for food bloggers ❤

By joining our food blog directory, you will get numerous features and opportunities to promote your food blog. You’ll get access to exclusive sharing options and opportunities to dramatically increase your traffic. Since is a pure food blog directory, you automatically get natural content relevant backlinks and potential new users. The detailed features of the food blog directory are listed below.

✓ Get high quality dofollow backlink

Dofollow backlink

With the registration you get the possibility to get a dofollow backlink from our domain. High quality backlinks are an important ranking factor for your food blog. The higher the number of high quality backlinks, the higher google will rate your page. One qualitative backlink is SEO-technically more valuable than thousands of irrelevant backlinks. Some irrelevant links can even be rated negative by google and degrade your site’s ranking. Therefore, always pay attention to the relevance of the backlinks. A food blog that hast numerous backlinks from car dealers would be devalued, for example. A food blog, however, which has relevant food and drink related links will get a much higher ranking in the google search.

✓ Gain greater visibility and increase your traffic

By the presence in our food blog directory you get more visitors and you reach a larger referral and social traffic. Since is a pure food directory, many potential visitors from the right target group are addressed.

✓ Link your 10 latest posts via RSS

If you add an RSS feed, your 10 latest posts are fully automatically linked. The RSS feed links contain the title of your posts, a short excerpt and the respective featured image. The RSS feed links are updated automatically and always contain your latest posts. This will push your blog directly with dynamic and relevant backlinks as well as visitors for newly published content.

RSS feed recipes
Automatically linked RSS feed content

✓ Link your social profiles

In addition to your food blog, you can also add links to your social profiles. This allows you to get more followers on facebook, pinterest, twitter and co at the same time.

✓ Add images and videos

Currently one image can be uploaded per page. We recommend using a screenshot of your website. If necessary we can also activate several picture uploads in the future. You can also add links to your YouTube and Vimeo videos. The videos can then be played directly in your profile here.

✓ Add your contact information and get in touch with other food bloggers

If desired, you can deposit your contact information. This information is not publicly available. However, others are allowed to contact you via our secure encrypted network. For example, other bloggers, magazines or advertisers can contact you.

Contact food blog
Get in touch with other food bloggers, magazines or advertisers

✓ Users can easily share your blog on social networks

Our social sharing buttons allow users and visitors of to share your food blog directly and easily on numerous social networks. As a special feature, the number of total shares of your website can be seen here.

We currently support native sharing on the following social networks and platforms:

Social Sharing Buttons:

Social sharing buttons
Users can share your food blog on numerous social networks

✓ Top blog list and recently added blog list

Discover with our top blog list what’s hot and which blogs have recently been added.

✓ Join our exclusive Pinterest group board

As a member of The Food Society you will be invited to our exclusive Pinterest group board. On the group board all members could share their new posts and recipes and make them accessible to a wide audience. To receive an invitation, just add the Pinterest URL of your profile when submitting your food blog.

✓ User friendly custom support

If you have interesting ideas and suggestions, you can contact our administrator and software developer directly. We will take care of the implementation of your proposal. If your food blog does not fit into any of the existing categories, do not hesitate to suggest a new category.

✓ All for free

The use of our services is 100% free!

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